International Health Certificate

Traveling with your beloved companion? Explore our international health certificate policy for a seamless journey and your pet’s well-being. Discover more now.

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International Health Certificate Policy

Please read carefully
International Health Certificates may only be issued by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian.

  • Dr. Steven Atwood is the only USDA veterinarian on Martha’s Vineyard.

Appointments for International Health Certificates (without a Pet Passport) must be made through Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates (PPHC)

If you have a valid Pet Passport and know exactly what your pet needs for travel, please contact our office directly at (508) 693-6515 to schedule an exam for international travel with a Pet Passport.

  • If you are unsure whether your Pet Passport is valid, please refer to the USDA APHIS Pet Travel website to confirm this information.

A message from PPHC…

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PPHC specializes in helping vets and pet owners navigate the complicated health requirements to prepare pets for travel anywhere in the world. We work closely with your vet and the USDA to ensure a smooth health certificate preparation & endorsement experience.

We offer full support and services from going through pets’ individual medical records, to tracking the endorsed health certificate from the USDA to the pet owner in time for their pets’ travel, and everything in between!

PPHC is here to wish you and your pet happy tails on your new adventure! Complete our New Client Questionnaire to get started!

Scheduling & Associated Fees

To schedule an appointment, you must first fill out the New Client Questionnaire with Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates. They will contact you within 24 hours

International Passport Examinations: $200.00 (this price does not include any additional vaccines, treatments, or tests required)

If you have a Pet Passport and are sure that it is still valid, you may contact our office directly for an International Passport Exam

*Please NOTE that AHC does NOT have the ability to issue Pet Passports*

International Health Ceritifcate Examinations: $400.00 (this price does not include any additional vaccines, treatments, or tests required)

***Please NOTE that these fees are SEPARATE from Pawsitive Pet Health Ceritifcates and their fee is NOT included in this price***

Please understand that International Health Certificates are an intensive process for all involved and can take months of preparation prior to travel.

More information can be found on the USDA APHIS Pet Travel website

We wish you and your pets safe and happy travels!