Boarding Check-In Form

Welcome to our hospital. For us to better serve you and your pet. Please verify all the following information and correct it as necessary.

*Must call to confirm availability in kennel before submitting and filling out the boarding form.

Proof of Vaccinations Required: No animal will be admitted for Boarding with out proof of Vaccinations. i.e.: Rabies, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Distemper Vaccines.

If Vaccinations are not up to date they will be administered following admission.

Animal Health Care Associates and its representatives shall not be held responsible for the condition or return of any blankets, leashes, bowls, toys, treats, etc., left with the pet.

Note: | understand that 24 hour direct or indirect supervision of animals is not ordinarily provided at this hospital or kennel.

Be Advised that when ill or older pets are placed under a great stress, because of removal from their normal home environment, this stress can cause latent (dormant) physical conditions {such as heart, liver. and kidney disorders) to become active. This can result in illness or death of your pet.

One of the advantages of boarding at this facility is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise. If your pet should require medical attention we will attempt to contact you or your representative at the emergency number(s) listed below. If no one can be reached we will administer care in accordance with your specifications.

Additional Instructions:

Flea and Tick prevention

For the protection of your pet, the management of Animal Health Care associates, LTD strongly recommends that your pet be treated with a flea and tick prevention product prior to boarding at our facility. We have had good success with such products as Frontline, Advantix and Comfortis {dogs only). If the staff discovers that your pet has fleas while boarding with us, we will treat your pet with an appropriate flea remedy, either Capstar for cats or Comfortis for dogs. The cost will be incurred by the pet owner.

Please indicate below if and when your pet was treated with a flea/tick preventative. If a dose is due and you would like us to dispense and apply a dose please authorize below.

My pet has/ has not been treated in the past 30 days with a flea and or tick prevention product.