Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicinee

Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicinee

New Adult Stem Cell Therapy Helps Arthritic Dogs Find Relief

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Dr. Atwood is now certified to perform a one-of-a-kind adult stem cell therapy to treat dogs suffering from arthritic pain. Dr. Atwood is credentialed in Vet-Stem Regenerative Cell (VSRC) therapy, available to veterinarians only since January 2008, and can now treat arthritis as well as tendon and ligament injuries in dogs.

San Diego based Vet-Stem, Inc., the nation's only company offering adipose stem cell therapy, has developed a procedure that isolates stem and regenerative cells from the animal's own fat for therapeutic injection into the injured tissue. The cells are isolated and returned to the authorized veterinarian for treatment of the injured animal within 48 hours.

"This is a breakthrough. The cells aren't foreign to the body, engineered or modified in any way," says Dr. Harman, founder of Vet-Stem. "Fat stem cell therapy avoids the ethical concerns surrounding embryonic stem cell research because our process uses the animal's own fat to isolate adult stem cells"

After having clients successfully treat more than 3,000 tendon and ligament injuries in horses, Vet-Stem inveiled its veterinary training course to small animal veterinarians. Once a veterinarian completes the VSRC therapy credentialing course, they will have the education to use VSRC's to treat arthritis, fractures and tendon/ligament injuries in dogs.

"We've seen stem cell therapy help dogs whose pain was previously so severe that they struggled to stand, jump into cars, chase balls or run up and down stairs," said Dr. Harman. "Stem cell therapy stimulates healthy cells to grow within the injured area, spurring regeneration." Stem cells also signal the body to produce its own natural anti-inflammatory proteins and can increase blood flow to areas in need.

Since 2005, Vet-Stem has worked with selected veterinarians who have treated dogs with arthritis and tendon/ligament injuries. Initial studies demonstrate that administration of VSRC's into a joint significantly decreases pain and improves comfort in the majority of cases. The duration of the benefit from a single injection varies from several months to more than a year and a half.

Clinical trials (which were double-blind and placebo-controlled) studied the use of VSRC's for arthritis in dog elbows, hips and knees concluded with successful results that were published in January 2008. Vet-Stem is currently conducting additional studies for the use of VSRC therapy for certain internal medicine conditions as well.

In the case of Vet-Stem's work with horses, the therapy has shown a return to prior level of performance rate of 77 percent, 76 percent and 57 percent respectively in tension, ligament and joint injuries. Many horses, such as 2006 U.S. open polo champion Rio, have overcome potentially career-ending injuries to return to competition at their prior level of performance.


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